Sherwood Elementary School Staff 2020-21

Principal: Francyne Doiron
Vice-Principal: Natasha Moore
Administrative Assistant: Marylou Sinnott
Administrative Assistant: Autumn Evans

Administrative Assistant: Margaret Bell

KA Tina Baglole
KB Jessica McMullen
KC Sarah King
KD Lori Stratton

Grade One
1A Jillian Marchbank
1B Julie Rogerson
1C Bethany Ellis
1D Crystal MacIntyre

Grade Two
2A Nicole Blanchard
2B Colleen Houlahan
2C Amy Diamond
2D Dana Rollwage

Grade Three
3A Louise MacGregor
3B Bethany Lucas
3C Melanie MacPherson

Grade Four
4A Jennifer Galle
4B Glen Gallant
4C Shelley Wolfe
4Z Kayla Fraser

Grade Five
5A Katie Beck
5B Bethany Norris
5C Bethann Coombs
5D Madelaine Venart

Grade Six
6A Marie-Lyne Bédard
6B Krista Gallant
6C Cavelle Murphy
6D Stephanie Rooney


Elizabeth Kerwin-MacPherson – Phys Ed and IPLE
Sheila O’Shea – Phys Ed
Nikki Waite – Music
Sara White – Music
Lindsay Gillan – Core French and ELA to Gr 4 FI
Chris Lewis – English Resource
Amy Boswall – English Resource
Julie Desjardins – FI Resource and IPLE
Jennifer Spencer – English Reading Recovery and Resource
Kurt Duncan – Library and Gr 6 ELA to FI
Kayla Swan – Counsellor
Denise Doyle – Counsellor

Educational Assistants
Nadine Campbell
Meredith Costain
Marcy Fillmore
Joan Gallant
Marion Hendrickson
Natasha Larter
Yvonne McKenna
Teresa Mosca
Martha Murnaghan
Janet Parsons
Kevin Watts
Jessica Weatherbie

Jennifer Rethy

Matthew Carter

Youth Service Worker: Jesse Foster
French Monitor: Estelle Gagne

Custodial Staff
Paul Buote
Judy Misener

Michelle Buell